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eksperimentoj – eksperimentoj

28 Sep

Eksperimentoj (エクスペリメントイ) are a Japanese Prog Rock band. They started in May 2002. There where some rumors that the band is disbanded, these rumors are false and you should be ashamed to actually listen to rumors. But still, eksperimentoj has a problem, their drummer left. I don’t know the reasons why he left the band but whatever. Since most of you figured it out, there are some reviews out there, like the one from sputnik music (which is a huge dump of the worst reviews and biggest hipster cred +1 sites I’ve ever read in my life, besides Pitchfork).
Don’t take these guys serious. Anyway, eksperimentoj is a three-piece band which consist of Eugene (voc,guitar,add. drums), Simon(guitar) and (still/ex) Keisuke(drums). Eksperimentoj comes from Esperanto and means (!!!) as you might expect, experiments. They don’t have a bassist but I bet one of their 100 of pedals is a Pitch Shifter. The sound has a wide and atmospheric feeling, I don’t know if you know this 90s feeling like if you listening Smashing Pumpkins or the first Mogwai albums, sometimes you get a nostalgic feeling like when you’re in a never ending day dream and the teacher is still trying to teach you something. Well, as you see my metaphors are everywhere acquainted all over the internet. A clearly passionate band with a original sound and a very lovely sound.

1. Planetalium
2. Note
3. Broken Infinity
4. Untitled
5. Solaris
6. Prophecy is from a Nightmare
7. Nocturnal
8. Point at the Sky (for Kurt Cobain)
9. Piano
10. Piano sustained
11. Instrumenta muziko
12. Prismo


Ongaku Otaku

2 Sep

While I was lurking around on some blogspot pages I found a very interesting zine, it’s called Ongaku Otaku. Ongaku means music and otaku is a japanese/wapanese geek. Therefore this magazine is full of underground indie bands from the early 90’s. It features Der Eisenrost who did the soundtrack for Shinya Tsukamoto’s Tokyo Fist, Seed Mouth (go check his live videos out on youtube,HNNNNNGGG) who rests in peace now and many more great stuff. A. e. cool record reviews and also live show reviews. I also saw a promotion for a shizuka live show (or recording?).

Try it!

There are also other Issues.


21 Aug

pew, sorry for the big delay. I was on vacation for one month and didn’t had any connections to the internet (besides expensive internetbars). Right now I’m working on a album which I proudly named “ugly otaku nerd, no one likes you”. I uploaded the first 3 tracks, check them out on my soundcloud profile.  Now while I’m at it, I’m going to start writing in english. Maybe then i’m getting a bigger audience.

that’s all for now, in this following week  I’m trying to make some interessting posts a.e.  about essential avatgarde mangakas or some reviews.