9 May


Ok I guess I know what Hugo meant by adressing the term “Herbivore” men. This one woman is blatantly stupid. What does having a well-groomed appearance to do with a shrinking population? If she wants a gorilla, it should be really easy to find herself one. It is easy to blame it all to those feminine men, because they aren’t as “hungry” as back then in the good old days where the men were all over the for the pussy “meat”. Now that you got feminine men, you want them to be more manlier? A severe case of alzheimer I guess. Not interested in sex? How come there is such a huge porn industry for straight people? I don’t think most Otakus are gay either, they might just be a bit afraid of real women. And for such a small country, it sure has a big abortion rate since everybody has such high standarts for finding the right partner, huh?

Always blaming the one side, when there are always more than just one group involved. Who is right and wrong, manga, movies, akb48 doesn’t matter when your population is extinct in some hundret years.

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