7 May

muslimmilf said:

don’t you do the same thing

Hm, think about it. Almost all of my favorite japanese people that are dead now, had one way or another connections with the JRA. And the rest of people who are still living aren’t really eh the epitome of japanese culture. I grew up with japanese media, hence why I guess I’m a fan of mostly japanese related animations or movies. Though my interest has nothing to do with blind admiration or devotion. Japan has a child prostitution problem, though most of the kids do it on a voluntary basis. The educational system is designed to serve the needs of glorious nippon companies. Ah yeah of course there is no racism in Japan, well if you’re white, but if you’re a national minority, a descendant of former Japanese colonies or foreigner from another Asian country it could be quite an experience for you. Well let’s conclude… I like the eccentric side of the culture, I like the people who are hated in Japan or those whom people would call losers. It just happen that it is japan right now, if I was born 1900 I’d probably be all over suisse and its art movements, 1960 I’d be probably some a somewhat francophile beatnik.

hanataiyouame said:

Mainly because people have this extremely sugarcoated idea of how the country/society really works, thanks to dedicated media that only reports on the appealing side of the country. I won’t be a hypocrite, I love the country, but far from idolizing.

why can’t people be Hugo

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