Image 5 May

Sometimes you just happen to find a random picture, like this one as example. It’s from Wong Kar-Wai’s movie Days of Being Wild including the beautiful Cinematography from Christopher Doyle. The first thing that comes into my mind is, what would I do at this moment? Now – completely taken out of the context. I’m starting to think about a story, without a reason I create something; out of an image. Shouldn’t be strange for most of you people. Some start to jump out of the train, some don’t. Some just want to go back to their seats and enjoy the view, some don’t. By asking someone, what would he or she do in this moment, I know I wouldn’t be able to understand this person at all, but if I’d get only one answer from a person who had read this text or thought to him or herself that this picture is beautiful – I would know that I have initiated something in someones mind, so that new thoughts are going to be born.

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