do you know if there’s any meaning behind the use of clinical eyepatches in japanese (pop) culture? i just see them pop up everywhere and i have no idea why

20 Apr

Huge Kurt Russell fans I guess, that’s why.

Not really.

It’s rather fast explained. Some girls/boys like Litchi Hikari Club, Romain Slocombe and Suehiro Maruo and various other popculture influences like in movies (especially pinku eiga) and stuff (mind you that Slocombe started to make Medical fetishism popular in the early 80s and Visual Kei bands also thought it looks pretty cool wearing surgical masks and shit), like some characters or pictures of popular movie heroes they just put on an eye patch and voila a little trend was born, they copied each other and somehow it got popular in the ero-guro scene (omfg).

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