Loved Gun

4 Dec

Director: Kazushi Watanabe
Actors: Masatoshi Nagase, Aoi Miyazaki, Hirofumi Arai,Ittoku Kishibe
Other Stuff: Japan, 2003,Rabudo gan,ラブドガン
Soundtrack: Dhal
Genre: a mix between drama and thriller
Language: Japanese

At first you’ll see a black screen with Japanese sings, since we’re not able to read the sings and assume that the director presents his movie. With eager passion we are waiting for the decomposition of the black screen. The black screen fades away and we are seeing a long and lonely road, probably in japan. While we are awaiting the final start of the story the camera wants to show us where it all begins.
It swings from right to left, exhibits the shores of a beach in japan while slowly showing us how the waves whip the stones on the shore. Suddenly we are hearing a noise. We assume it’s from a car.
We were right. It’s a white pick-up. After driving this pic-up for some seconds the driver suddenly crashes into a big and dark electric box. The driver, our protagonist, seems to be injured from the crash. Nevertheless he is trying to run away from something. A nice atmospheric music starts to play. He hobbles on the street to get away from the scene. The camera drives slowly up to the sky the next thing you see is the deep and dark blue sky with the Japanese signs ラブドガン which means in romaji “Loved Gun/Rabudo gan”.

a place where the end is near but the beginning only a short hop away

Hayamada, a hit-man, is running away from his past client. This client also send some other hit men to kill him, a amateur and a professional whom he personally know and estimates. He get’s into an accident in which he get’s injured. After walking for a while he takes a break on the shore where he introduce his red gun “Akira”. While he is resting we get introduced to our next protagonist, Miyuki. She has discussion with he teacher about her future. After this we are seeing her on her scooter. In the next frame we see her near a river. Thereafter we are seeing her how she sits on her scooter. Suddenly Hayamada appears and asks for her scooter, holding Akira in front of her. She refuses to give her bike to him even though he threatens to kill her. In a second he steps back and collapses in front of her. He was brought to the hospital where Miyuki where she takes his gun and “preserves” it for him. Hayamda completly awake after searching his gun in his jacket found out that Miyuki had it. After a “volatile” situation he got his gun back but only for one condition: He shall kill somebody for Miyuki.
The hit men are now coming closer.

Is he going to be killed? Is this movie a waste of time? I’m certainly not a fan of Japanese cinema but would you recommend it to someone like me?

Well for several reasons I’m not going to answer these questions but if you want to hear my opinion about this movie you’ll have to read the post till the end. I’m sorry.

as easy live seems to be, it’s not easy for everybody, trust me

If any person or bot is going to read this, I’m now going to describe the impression I had after watching this movie. Watanabe builds an heavy melancholic atmosphere around the scenery and the protagonists. He developed for every single character a background story, maybe most of the aren’t unique but I liked them.
Not only is he building a depth in his movie by creating a concept of the emotions that a bullet could express but also creating a new form of story telling which is unique by it’s own.The bullet concept works like this: A bullet will be black if fired in revenge, blue if in sadness, yellow if in fear but there is one color left which will decide the fate, the beginning and the end. Alright, at this point I don’t want to tell you more about this movie and it’s creator. It’s up to you if you whether like it or not.

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