Dhal – Cacophony

2 Dec

Dhal is an experimental/triphop project formed by Robin Aoki (of downy ), Eugine Wakamikoto (of eksperimentoj ), and DJ Geru-See. Till this day they’ve only released Cacophony in 2002. If you already know about downy and eksperimentoj, skip this part and download the album.

Diving into a dream is something beautiful. It’s even better when you’re in a beautiful landscape wandering around and asking yourself questions about superior beings and your life in general. You’ll only find yourself smiling and walking into the foggy autumn night without any concrete direction. The soundscape crawls into your ears and spreads like a virus infection inside your body. You will find yourself paralyzed in your bed with a warm comfortable blanket watching your ceiling and ask yourself why Dhal didn’t made another album.

enjoy it…

03 -344281
06.looking at the point where eyes a
07.Nu G. D. evol
09.scene ⅩⅩ
11.she didn’t want to drink anything with spangles in (Loved Gun OST)


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